Questions and Answers

What is AHIVOY’s mission?

Answer: AHIVOY empowers Oregon’s wine community by educating vineyard stewards, and providing them with the knowledge and resources necessary for their advancement in the Oregon wine industry.

What are AHIVOY’s core values?

Answer: AHIVOY operates based on the values of Empowerment, Integrity, Respect, Advocacy, and Community.

How does AHIVOY support diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Answer: AHIVOY celebrates diversity, advocates for racial equality, and believes in building a strong, inclusive community for a better future. We do this through education, preparation, integration and exposure to groth opportunities in all aspect of the wine industry. 

What educational programs does AHIVOY offer?

Answer: Through our partnership with Chemeketa Community College and Linfield University, we have developed a comprehensive Wine Industry Professional Training program tailored specifically for Spanish-speaking Vineyard Stewards. This 17-week course not only enhances their expertise and knowledge of grape cultivation, health, the latest techniques, and management but also opens doors to career advancement and leadership roles within the industry.

How does AHIVOY contribute to the Oregon wine industry?

Answer: AHIVOY provides education, professional development, and opportunities for Latinx and Hispanic vineyard workers in the Willamette Valley, enabling them to overcome socioeconomic challenges and establish their careers in the wine industry.

Who supports AHIVOY’s initiatives?

Answer: AHIVOY receives support from various industry partners, including the Erath Family Foundation, Foley Family Wines, Winderlea Vineyard and Winery, Soter Vineyards, and many others.

What impact does AHIVOY have on vineyard stewards and the wine industry?

Answer: AHIVOY’s educational initiatives improve the knowledge and skills of vineyard stewards, enhancing the quality of work in vineyards and ultimately contributing to the improvement of Oregon’s wine quality.

How did AHIVOY originate?

Answer: AHIVOY was born from a collaboration between Latino and Hispanic individuals passionate about the Oregon wine industry, recognizing the need for education and empowerment among vineyard stewards.

How does AHIVOY address the educational needs of vineyard stewards?

Answer: AHIVOY’s programs aim to provide vineyard stewards with not only practical skills but also a deeper understanding of the “whys” behind their work, thus enriching their knowledge and expertise.

What role does AHIVOY play in advancing the Oregon wine community?

Answer: AHIVOY plays a crucial role in advancing the Oregon wine community by fostering education, diversity, and inclusivity, thereby contributing to the overall growth and success of the industry.