AHIVOY at Assemblage Symposium

This episode of “The Four Top” was recorded live at the Assemblage Symposium in McMinnville, Oregon

‘The Four Top’ Special Episode: Assemblage Symposium

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Story by Katherine Cole

Outspoken viticulturist and winemaker Mimi Casteel is attracting attention worldwide for her message of regenerative agriculture. Casteel’s no-till farming techniques improve soil quality, and her holistic vision is to rebuild ecosystems and bring back healthy, locally grown food.

Next, along with fellow Latinx wine industry leaders, Sofia Torres McKay has cofounded an innovative program that provides education to agricultural workers, creating opportunities for an underrepresented Spanish-speaking community whose members often live in fear, and from paycheck to paycheck.

Finally, Kate Norris could focus her efforts on marketing her own wine brand, but instead, she promotes wines all over the world. Meet the founder of the #DrinkChenin and I LOVE GAMAY movements.

This episode was recorded live at the Assemblage Symposium in McMinnville, Oregon. Meet our panelists: Viticulturist and winemaker Mimi Casteel is proprietor of Hopewell Wine. Sofia Torres McKay is co-owner of Cramoisi Vineyard and cofounder of AHIVOY. Kate Norris is co-owner of Division Wine Making Co. and the SE Wine Collective. Our host is Katherine Cole.