There They Go! at Oregon Wine Press

Allen holstein leads an AHIVOY session in a Chemeketa classroom.
Photo by Neal Hulkower

There They Go!

AHIVOY begins training, education

By Neal D. Hulkower

Jesus Guillén must be smiling. The organization he envisioned for broadening vineyard workers’ opportunities in the wine industry is real and has begun affecting lives. Asociacion Hispana en la Industria Vinicola de Oregon was conceived and named by the late winemaker for White Rose Estate and Guillén Family Wines, with Sofía Torres-McKay of Cramoisi Vineyard, and Miguel Lopez of Red Dirt Vineyard Labor. AHIVOY, the acronym by which the group is known, translates to “there I go.” And it has gone far since the idea came to light in August 2018.

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